Friday, October 26, 2018

Retired Worm Hunter

As I took Leo for his walk on this lovely, wet autumn morning, I saw three big, fat earthworms.

I had a tiny moment of excitement and a flood of memories around days just like this one. On a rainy day, when it was just a little chilly, Sophia and I would go out with a container and our eyes open for worms. If you look closely at the bowl she's holding, you can see at least one earthworm getting saved from being squished on the sidewalk. Whether the bowl of mud and being handled by a small human are preferable, I wouldn't know.

As I had a moment of excitement about the worms, I realized that our days of going out in rain jackets to hunt for and "rescue" worms are probably over.

Sophia still loves being out in the rain. She still loves getting dirty. And, as a matter of fact, I could probably interest her in a worm or two. So maybe my worm hunting days are not completely behind me. I'll let you know.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Pickle Springs Hike

Last weekend was such an idyllic fall weekend. Crisp, overcast but not gloomy, and very cool. Our little family is pretty active, but a majority of us hate being hot. One of us hates it to the point of intense whining. (It's not Erick.)

So when the weather creates the perfect opportunity for being outside without boiling, we take it. Pickle Springs is down by Hawn State Park, between Farmington & Ste. Genevieve. Beautiful area.
We hiked and hiked. Sophia climbed, which also kept her entertained.

Another reason for the hike was to test out our puppy sling. Once Leo got past the point of being able to get over all the rocks and such, I carried him. Yes, I carried him. And he loved it, so I will definitely do that again.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

An Even Dozen

Happy birthday, Sophia!

Today is a strange day for us because you're waking up at sixth grade camp instead of in your bed at home. I never realized that I took those birthday hugs for granted. Don't worry. I will make up for it when you get off that bus tonight!

Twelve feels like a big deal. They all feel like a big deal when I'm writing your letter. Seriously, though, twelve is a huge transition year. Middle school has already started and rocked our worlds a bit.

You are the same sweet, thoughtful, funny girl you've always been. Now those qualities are being tested from the outside. This year all the things that make you who you are will start crystallizing into the adult version of you.

Most of all, I want you to begin to learn to love and accept yourself. You get so frustrated by who you are sometimes, wondering why you're sensitive or afraid. I hope that this is the year that you start seeing yourself for the brave little warrior that you are. And, yes, I use warrior loosely, since you're an inch taller than I am already. I want, more than anything, for you to see yourself occasionally the way others see you. Persistent, quirky, fun and smart. You do know these things about yourself, but you tend to outweigh the parts of yourself that make the days a little longer for you. I just hope you start paying attention to all the things that make you the most awesome kid I know.

Every day that we get to spend with you is a gift. Your presence and friendship is a blessing to all who know you. I love you, and I am so proud that you're our girl.

Happy birthday, Soph.


Monday, September 10, 2018

Scooter Fun

Lime Bike and other short-term rental scooters have been in St. Louis all summer, but we just had our first time out on them yesterday at the Arch.

It's a bit of a hoot, chasing around the available scooters and trying to find one without a dead battery. Once we found a couple, though, we took turns tooling around the grounds. I am looking forward to some time being able to find THREE at once so we don't have to stick to a small area.

Anyway, I'm loving this weather and excited about more Sunday afternoon outdoor fun!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Hello this is Sophia, I am sorry I haven't posted in FOREVER, but fear not for I am posting now. So to start I had a math test today... I think it went ok, but I don't know. I don't really like math. Also this Christmas I got a phone. YES! I am super excited about that. I am still riding horses. I had lessons yesterday, and today mw and my mom are going to a meeting there that lets me be allowed to be there alone over summer break.
The fifth grade year is fading away... (dramatic pause) and I am one of the only people who is fine with it. I LOVE Captain. But honestly I want it to be summer and I don't care what year it is. Not only that but I am excited to go to Wydown (the middle school) But I am still having fun at Captain with my friends. So yeah.
But again I am super sorry that I haven't posted in a really long time.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

May as well be spring!

We've gone on several great hikes in the last couple of weeks. Today's was the best. We drove down near Ste. Genevieve to Hawn State Park.

Pickle Creek is a really beautiful area. A rocky, kind of intense trail. Leo got to come with us. He got really worn out by the end.

Along with our hiking shoes, we brought Sophia's rain boots so she could explore the creek a bit. This is just what we've learned after many, many soaking shoes.

The sunshine felt so great. It was just the right temperature, too. Sophia gets hot, even when it reaches 65.

The best part of our hike was off trail. At one point, near the rock above, we looked up the bluff and decided to see if we could make it to the top.

It was steeper than it looked, but we made it. We were pretty pleased with ourselves and the view.

These have been incredible days outside. I think we found the sweet spot for hiking with Sophia. When it gets up to 70, it sounds ridiculous, but it gets harder to get her to exert this much energy. That's part of the reason we scope out all the water spots. 

Hawn State Park. Highly recommend it!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Cupid's Ball

Just before Valentine's Day this year, Sophia and Erick went to the Clayton Daddy and Daughter dance together. She doesn't always love doing this, but she was up for it this year. 

Dresses are definitely not her favorite thing, but the sneakers helped her feel more at ease.

Look how cute these two are. They had lots of fun with their friends and danced a little, too.

Just thought I'd share pictures of these two lovelies. Sophia's really growing up, but she's still the sweetest kid I know.