Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sweating in the Garden

Yesterday was a lot like today: hot. Very hot. Missouri mid-summer hot. Yet, we're not in mid-summer. Oh well.

Our goal for the summer is to live in the moment and stay busy. To that end, Sophia and I have tried to get out and do stuff every day. Yesterday morning, we were tired and dreading the heat. However, the MO Botanical Gardens are free to residents on Wednesday mornings, so...

We had the best time in the Garden. We walked around to all the areas that we miss when we go for the summer concerts. The Japanese garden is my favorite and Sophia's too. I was taking a picture of that particular garden when Sophia photo bombed it. The result is very cute.

Here we are glistening as we walk. I'm not sure how much water we drank because we refilled our water bottle at each water fountain. The shade was so lovely, though. The breeze cooled us just enough to feel like we could make it all the way.

Another place we don't normally go is the house of the garden's benefactor, Henry Shaw. This time, however, we went in and did the whole tour. Sophia loved it! She said how great it would be to live in a house like this some day. It is a great house. They have a great deal of original furniture and such, too, which makes it all the more interesting and, according to Sophia, a little creepy.

We made it all the way through the garden, with the final stop at the Children's Garden splash park. It was a lovely way to pass a morning with my girl. This summer is turning out to be quite lovely, in spite of the heat.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

weekday workout switch off

Hey guys. Sophia here. I am going to tell you about my Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 to 1. Here I go.  So, on Tues. and Thurs. My friends come over to play for 3 hours. There mom goes swimming, when my mom watches us, and when their mom watches us, my mom goes boxing. This is the cycle of my Tuesdays and Thursdays. Today one of my friends got stuck in my bed twice. In-between the crack of my bed and the wall, and another time in-between the railing of my top bunk and the wall. So my bed and the wall where not her friends today. Today is Thursday, and when we where outside I met my new neighbor. Yesterday I started a show called: The Stork Show. I am The Stork. I have already had 3 special guests on the show. 2 of which wanted to pretend to be people they weren't, so it is a very interesting show. Today is a little bit I will go to the pool for the 5th time this week. 

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Hey guys, this is Sophia.
Today is the sixth day of Summer Vacation. I have already gone to the pool twice, and I went to my friends pool yesterday. I went to the pool the two times, THIS WEEKEND! I went to my friends house/pool this weekend too. This weekend was Memorial Day Weekend, so it was a 3 day weekend. We went to Sports Authority on Sunday. Because the location close to my house is closing, they had a sale. I don't know when they are closing, but I know they are. Today is Tuesday, and I got up at 6 o' clock. For no reason at all. I just did. Then I played games until 7 o'clock, and watched TV till 8. So as you can see I have had a V-E-R-Y busy morning.

Monday, May 23, 2016

My Poems

Hey, this is Sophia. Today I am going to share a few poems with you.
The first one is called Idea Bucket Here it is.

My brain
Is a bucket
Full of
Except Now
Of all times

The next one is called Books

Bound paper
Full of

The next one is called Leo

The best dog
The best friend

The last one is called Wave

Sea foam sits atop
A wave
Getting taller than a King's Throne

Third Grade is Almost Over!

 Third grade has not been the best year at Captain. Now, that's not to say it's been bad. The first three years were each special in their own way. This year has been one for significant growth for Sophia, but it's not one that will go down as "special." Nothing more needs to be said about that at the moment.

The end of the year is always jam packed with extra things. Most of these things end up being my favorite things from the year, and that is still true.

One day last week, all the third graders gave presentations on a country or countries of their choice. I say countries, but only one third grader chose to do two - that would be Sophia. There are some conflicting reports about why she chose to do two, but it comes down to excitement and words. She has them both.

As a matter of fact, she didn't do a report on Kenya as she originally planned; however, she says she'd like to spend some of her free time researching it because it seems cool.

Her choices were Argentina and Venezuela. Here, Erick's holding the 13-page book that Sophia wrote about these countries. We were so proud to get to see the result of all her hard work. It really was a big project, and she threw herself into it.

Then there's field day. It's really and truly one of my favorite days every year. Maybe I'm reminded of the day Erick and I noticed each other as 16-year-olds, or maybe it's just that the excitement of the kids is catching. Regardless, I love it. My job this year was to take pictures of the kids. I had so much fun doing it. Here's Sophia with a few of her fellow "Brick Breakers."

And here she is showing off her skills as an egg carrier. She thought it was funny that she holds her mouth like that when she's concentrating. I think it's cute. Also, I'm doing it right now as I type. Sometimes, she really is like me.

The end of this year also brings the end to my administration as the PTO president. I may have more to say about that later, but for now I need to buy stuff for the end of year picnic...

Monday, May 9, 2016


Hey this is Sophia. I am going to also be telling you about my camping trip. It was lots of fun. Yes we ordered pizza, but it was in a kitchen house thing. The only problem was the bugs. We saw everything from beetles to June bugs. All of us are such city kids, that every time we saw a bug you could always count on one of us screaming. So in my mind the only way to stop this was to stomp on the bug. Well it kinda worked. But when I did everyone screamed louder. Then they told me I was the grossest person ever to walk in the cabin, but in the long run, it stopped them from screaming. So I said. " As long as it keeps you from puncturing my ear drums, then I will do it." The beds were somewhat comfortable. But limited, very limited sleep was gained. The adults had a little run in with a mouse that night. The camp fire was very enjoyable. I heard a lot of stories. But none were very scary.

Girl Scout Camping Trip

Friday evening, Sophia and I had an adventure with her friends and mine, since many of them overlap with the Girl Scout troop that she joined this year.

These particular moms, myself included, are not necessarily fans of roughing it. So, when the girls insisted on taking a camping trip this year, we compromised with an overnight stay at Shaw Nature Reserve, basically at a retreat center. A huge cabin is where we spent the night, and a lovely community building is where we our (two) meals.

Regardless, the girls had a lovely time. None of them had expectations of a tent, so that's a relief. All they wanted was some uninterrupted play time and s'mores. These things they got.

I snapped this picture before they shot off into all different directions, and they look so sweet!

After completing some nature activities that kept them busy until the pizza came. Yes, we ordered pizza. We had dinner and started the all-important fire. 

S'mores and storytelling rounded out the fire pit time, followed by a quick game of Ghost in the Graveyard - a stylized version of pitch black tag.

Then I tucked Sophia into her bunk, which I ended up having to climb into to help her to sleep about an hour or two later - after my own drama with a mouse. I'll save that for another time.

Anyway, some sleep was had, though not much. Then the girls got to work on our breakfast in this very rustic kitchen...

All to be topped off with a hike through nature being recorded by my little filmmaker.

It was a very fun time, and it really made me appreciate those moments with Sophia and our friends. No distractions, just each other and nature. It was a great way to kick off Mother's Day weekend for us. I love getting to share these experiences with her. I might even be willing to try a tent next time.