Monday, December 1, 2014

Freshly Cut

Ever since Sophia was very small, we've had artificial Christmas trees. After last Christmas, our most recent tree finally gave up the Christmas spirit and we tossed it. Sophia was determined that this year, we'd have the quintessential (she didn't use that word, although it wouldn't surprise me) Christmas experience by going to the tree farm and cutting down our celebratory evergreen.

Of course, that's what we did. In what turned out to be ill advised sentimentality, we brought Leo with us. He's just so cute, and I hate to think of him shut up in his little crate all day. He doesn't seem to mind, really, but it bothers me. He was nutso. Fortunately (?), Sophia joined him in his nutso behavior, and we all had quite the time.

Then we took one another's pictures. Because that's how we roll. Oddly, no selfies this time around.

Saturday was just gorgeous. The weather was so perfect for tree picking. And we had the window open while we decorated! Perfect, I tell you.

A real tree is exactly as I remembered it. A pain in the rear. Worth it, though. When it makes our super Christmasy girl that much happier.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Christmas Spirit

We bought season passes to Silver Dollar City this year. It may have been optimistic, looking back. However, the Christmas festival really makes it all worth it.

We went on Friday night, and the weather was perfect. I have to assume that most others are not yet ready to embrace the Christmas spirit because it wasn't crowded. Oh well. I'm so glad we went and enjoyed it.

See? Christmas spirit.

This was the first time that we've been to Silver Dollar City that Sophia took part in what was a childhood tradition for me. Dipping candles. The experience is almost identical with one very significant change. They now have instructions for making a rainbow! I remember many failures at making striped candles. I can't believe it took them so long to do this. Regardless, it's brilliant.

Another new thing this time around. Sophia is too tall for the double rider swing on the big twirly swings. She has actually been too tall for it for a couple visits, but we've been able to sneak her in because she wasn't ready to do it. This time, she's both taller and braver. Here she is with a big exhale before we take off.

Fact: I have always loved taking pictures of myself and others at Silver Dollar City Christmas.
Evidence from this visit:

Feeling Christmasy yet?

Thursday, November 6, 2014

The King and I

Leo and I have been taking longer and longer walks in the morning. It's kind of taken the place of my solitary walk through Forest Park that I usually enjoy. Yesterday, we made it all the way to the Art Museum and the Grand Basin. It's not very original to say that I love these spots. But I do. King Louis and the sun were happy to see us.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween was a great deal of fun, in spite of the very cold temperatures. It wasn't actually THAT cold. It's just that it had been so warm a week ago! 

Sophia was a darling little Robin Hood. She loved to say how her job was to rescue people. Erick was a leprechaun with blue hair. 

He was so cheery to my gloom. Face paint is fun.

We got to trick or treat with a Phantom (Jacob) and a person from Guardians of the Galaxy (Jeffrey). I need to see that movie so that I can place all the boys who were dressed as them this year. I had one little boy put on his mask and ask me who he was. I said, "A werewolf?" He was a raccoon. I felt instantly old. Next year, I'll get really familiar with all the movies in advance...

Nothing completes a good haul like a good trade. Everyone was happy with the way this worked out, so it's a win.

Now I'm sleepy and ready to take a nice autumn nap. Maybe next week.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Just the beginning...

This fall has been perfect. Temperatures just right for taking lots of walks with our new little Leo.

Of course, "walking" might not be completely representative of what we do with Leo all the time. There is a lot of running. And a lot of snuggling. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Lost and Found

Ever since we planned the move, we have had our eye on the calendar to find a time that would be better than most to add to our family. Sophia has a four-day weekend starting tomorrow, so we've planned this for a few weeks. We were making some progress toward getting a particular dog from a shelter in Fenton. He was about 8 months and a retriever mix. Kind of small for the breed. Pretty bouncy and energetic, but we were excited to do the work to have him fit in with our family.

The process was taking a long time. This happens. We also learned that it might be a little longer, and there were other families interested in him. Just to be sure we were making the right call, Sophia and I went back to the Humane Society last night to visit some dogs.

One particular little guy got our attention. On one side of the glass was Evan, a wire-haired fox terrier, on the other side was Sophia, an 8-year-old dog lover. It may or may not have been love at first sight. Once we met in the "Get to know each other" room, they became inseparable.

He was a stray up until two weeks ago. They don't know anything about him, but we are taking the risk. I'm going to admit it: he's a kisser. And a hugger. and a jump upper.

Apparently, he's also a stitch puller. So he has to wear this around for a few days while we're not around. He hates it.

But, sometimes he gets to take it off so he can do this.

Sophia is so in love with this dog. I believe the feeling is mutual. Erick and I are pretty impressed with him, too. One family member might need a little more time to adjust. This was Gabriella's look when she saw that he had made himself comfortable on the couch.

Sophia named him Leo, and he's settling in nicely. I'm sure our whole family will need to make some adjustments to life with a dog, but I think he's going to be worth it!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

New Digs

It's all rather similar in our new place. Familiar but different. I'm loving my work space here, and the kitchen is simply wonderful.

We're all settling in nicely. Even Gabriella doesn't seem to have much to complain about.

It's the perfect time of year in this neighborhood. The trees are changing and the temperatures are just right for open windows. I'm grateful for our new home, which could possibly even be our old person's home one day. We haven't had that possibility for a while, and it makes me happy!