Monday, August 26, 2013

The Singer

She writes her own songs. Then sings them with feeling.

She said, "I have hope in my dream of one day having a band. That makes my voice sound even better."

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

And it begins...


Sophia started first grade this morning. She was very excited to get the day going. She doesn't even pretend that she doesn't love school, although she insists that she doesn't like math.

Maybe that's what she's thinking about as she gives her lip a little nervous chew...

The nerves didn't hold out very long, but she wouldn't give me another smile. I'd used up my quota in the back yard apparently.

When it came time to leave, this was her response. I think she's relieved just to get it started. See what this big kid first grade thing is all about. I can't believe it. No more Kindergarten. No more cute little songs. Now she's just hanging out on the blacktop with all the big kids! Sigh. She seems to think she's ready.

I certainly hope she's right!

Monday, August 12, 2013

And the rest

Since coming back from vacation, we have finally been the true summer people. We have spent more time in pajamas than out of them. We have pieced together meals from what's in the fridge. Hanging out. Chilling. Add a trip to the pool and a play date with Sophia's BFF, and you have our last week.

Sophia and I have both had a hard time getting our sleep rhythm back after vacation. Last night was only the second in a couple of weeks that she was in her own bed all night. Not surprisingly, we all woke with amazing energy and spirit this morning. Thus, my first random post in a while.

We have some back-to-school activities today and tomorrow, then Wednesday, Sophia starts first grade.

The same day, she will have her first violin lesson. She is very excited about it. I was a little hesitant when I heard that we had to have an "interview" before setting up lessons. Fortunately, my fears of a demanding musical environment were unfounded. Sophia will fit right in. Apparently, she's going to be a natural. She, of course, was not at all surprised to hear this. Especially since she told the lady that she currently plays a little bit of all the instruments, except for the triangle and the trombone. Sigh. Confidence is not an issue.

Expect the usual first day of school post on Wednesday. I'm excited and dreading it at the same time.

Gotta go. It's my turn on the Wii.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Northwest Vacation

We have been back from Seattle for a couple of days. I, for one, am still exhausted. I don't know what it is about this trip, but I can't seem to recover as quickly. Too close to school, maybe.

Anyway, we had a marvelous time. I'm about to share a bunch of pictures. So I hope you're ready to take a visual journey.

We arrived in Seattle and picked up where we left off. Plus, feeding chickens...

Sophia loved the chickens. Any time she has a chance to care for a creature, she's a happy kiddo.

After a couple of days in Seattle, we headed down the road to the Oregon Beach.

It was beautiful. Picturesque. Moving. I highly recommend visiting the Pacific in Oregon.

We spent lots of time at the water. The sand was perfect for building. Mostly free of rocks. Just a few sand fleas.

This was our first sunset from our back porch.

The next day, Erick and I left the beach to head halfway across Oregon to see some of Erick's family. Beautiful countryside. Lots of beautiful streams and mountains.

Erick's uncle Bill lives in Bend, which is high desert. We were surprised to get through all those mountains and streams to arrive in an arrid, hot climate.

It was great to see the family, though. Well worth the day in the car.

We did, however, get a little bit punchy on our drive.

Then we took a night walk on the beach. So peaceful and refreshing.

Then we headed back out for a long walk in the morning. Lots of exploration.

Did I mention picturesque?

Once we passed through those rocks, we were very surprised to find the rocks on the other side covered in star fish and mussels. Pretty cool. Kind of creepy.

Our last evening in Oregon was perfect. We made a fire while the kids played in the sand and ran along the beach. Then we just relaxed. And danced a little.

This was the closest I could get to a smile from Sophia. It's a smile, for sure, but maybe a little nutsy.

Once we were back in Seattle the next day, we did more relaxing. Hanging out. Watching movies. General merriment. We also went to the Seattle Science Center, which happens to be right by the Space Needle. It was a great Science Center. We spent several long and full hours hanging out there.

Anyway, glad to be home. But our trip was magnificent, as always. The northwest is lots of fun. Tons of things to see and do or a great climate for just hanging around. Love it.