Friday, April 27, 2012

Dancing Princess

Sophia finished her semester of dance last night. It was her first foray back into ballet since the big recital that included a fog machine, thereby negating any interest she ever had in dance. So it was important that she have a good experience this time around, and she did! She loves her teacher. She enjoys her class. She lives to dance!
Last night was also a chance for parents to come observe the class. She didn't know it, but Erick had decided to do his best to get there too. Once he arrived, she did her best to feign nonchalance. But she couldn't hide her pleasure.
This is my favorite position they do. Classic.
Sophia is very focused and sincere in her efforts. Often, that includes the tongue...
After a fun and focused dance class, what better way to celebrate than with a pulled pork sandwich? That's right. She really is her daddy's girl.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

An example of LJ's inner monologue: I'm glad that combed forward Caesar-esque hairstyle for men is out. (then I saw one almost immediately) Oh heavens, should I apologize for thinking that was dorky? Did I make that happen or somewhere in my subconscious did I know that I'd see a guy with that hairstyle this morning? Wow. I wonder if everything that happens has already happened somewhere in my head. I wish I could access it, then I'd know if that was the last time I'll see that dorky hairstyle. *chuckles to self It wasn't entirely dorky at first. Remember when Joaquin Phoenix had it in Gladiator? But then, he was actually an emperor, so... I'm thinking an awful lot about that hairstyle. Maybe if I post this on the blog it won't be as weird that I spent so much time thinking about it. -And now I know that's not the case.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Cat's Pajamas

Okay, so we didn't make our cat wear pajamas, but we did throw her a birthday party. Since she was born at the Humane Society shelter, they knew her actual birthday. That meant that Sophia has been waiting to celebrate that day since we got her in July. With Gabriella's birthday coming up, I told Sophia that she could invite one friend and we would have a party for her after school. The friend she chose was Cameron. Cameron is the friend that likes cats the most and freaks Gabriella out the least. They were both decked out for the occasion. Sophia in a party dress and Cameron in cat apparel. And they decorated the apartment.
Every birthday party has a craft. For theirs, they drew cat faces on balloons...
There was cake and a gift. I put cat treats in tissue paper hoping she'd tear into it, but we ended up needing to open it. Oh well.
Gabriella's favorite part of the day was going outside. She had on her harness and leash and wandered the yard hunting bugs and feeling like a jungle cat.
All in all, it was a great celebration of the life of our cat. She's both the luckiest and least lucky cat alive, I think. It's rough being loved so much. Just ask Lulu...

Monday, April 23, 2012

Silver Dollar Good Times

This last weekend, we went to Springfield to visit my parents. We also went to Silver Dollar City. Sophia tried so many more rides than she ever has. The Thunderation roller coaster, Fire in the Hole and the newer circle swings. I was amazed at her willingness to attempt these rides that would normally be much too scary for her. There was one reason only that she was willing to do it. To impress her older cousins, Grant and Allison. Here she is waiting in line for Fire in the Hole with my mom and Allison.
It's been years since we've been to Silver Dollar City with them, and Sophia soaked up each minute. In this case, literally soaked... My camera got a little wet, too. I love this new ride and the water guns surrounding it.
Now Sophia wants to move to Branson so we could go any time. I believe that's how our family ended up in Springfield to begin with... But we'll just plan some Silver Dollar City time. And I won't hold my breath for her to try these rides again soon. She told Grandma and Grandpa that Fire in the Hole and Thunderation were just "once a year" rides... Tomorrow - Gabriella's birthday party!! More to come.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sophia says...

When Sophia got out of the bath the other day, she immediately put on footie pajama's even though it was 2:00 in the afternoon. While playing in her room, she came across some makeup, put it on and decided she needed to be dressed more appropriately. As she stood in front of her closet, she put her hands on her hips and said, "Hmmmm, sparkles or sequins?" I realized immediately that I have never once posed that question to myself.

We have been reading more Bible stories lately, which is a great conversation starter with a five-year-old, especially one who freaks out over obscure injury and illness. So, after reading about when Jesus healed the ten lepers, I could tell she was thinking more about the disease, even though we had talked about how little possibility there was to get it, etc. Still, she lifted her shirt to look at her belly and said, "You know what looks a lot like leprosy? Bug bites when they're healing. Look." Sure. Just like it.

She called Erick on his way home earlier because she had some things to tell him. Once she was through, she said, "Okay, I'm just gonna let you go now because we can talk when you get here."

The other day, I said, "I love you, Goober." She was right behind me with an, "I love you, Schmoober." Then today, as I was leaving the room after a particularly funny conversation, I told her she was awesome. Sophia followed with "Right back atcha."

I love being around Sophia. It's not going to be much longer till she's too cool for me. Still, hopefully I have a while till she figures that out for herself.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Home Salad

As an update to the apartment gardening, you should know that everything is doing well. We haven't had a frost. So that's a relief. I'm watching the gentle spring rain coming down on the plants right now. They like it. I can tell. Some of our plants are a little covered, so I'll have to check to be sure they get enough.

We've already harvested a crop of lettuce... Sophia ate the salad and loved it. She does love salads upon occasion, but she kept talking about how much better it is when you grow it yourself. Oh, and she also keeps saying that she's a farm girl. When I pushed back on that, she was insistent that we find some logs to put in the back yard to make it feel like a farm.

Anyway, gardening. So far, so good. The squirrels are only moderately irritating so far. We've had to have our windows closed for a week or two because it's chilly. That means that I can't yell out the windows at the squirrels when they get too close. So they're getting brave. Hopefully warmer weather will bring back the yelling and the scared squirrels.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Food, candy, family. That was our weekend. A fantastic time was had by all. Now I'm coming down off my sugar high. Headed to bed early.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Forest Park

One of my absolute favorite things about living in St. Louis, particularly in our neighborhood, is how often we get to use Forest Park. Sure, the zoo and the museums are amazing, but the park is so much more than that.

Last week, our friends with a new puppy and a wedding on the horizon were headed to the park for a picnic. They asked us to join, and we happily obliged. And Sophia was happy to bring another friend along.

We were at the park for hours. Sipping water and wine, snacking on salads and chips. It was just the way one should spend a Sunday afternoon. The girls played for the entire time down by the pond. They both dressed up for the occasion but wound up caked in mud. Happier girls I have yet to see.

I couldn't help but think about how many thousands of families have enjoyed the same Sunday afternoon we did. As long as ducks and fish have gobbled up bread and as long as kids have enjoyed making mudballs, that's as long as parents have been enjoying the view.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Daddy's Golfer


Last weekend, Erick and Sophia went to the golf store and came home with Sophia's first real club. She's had possession of Erick's old putter for a while now, but she's never had one that was made for a kid. She was excited. They headed out to the driving range while I stayed home and got some work done.

This time, I went with them. It was fun, but I also look forward to some quiet Saturday mornings at home while they take care of business at the range. It will be a while till the actual golf course is attempted.

It's fun to watch, though. She seems to have inherited Erick's affinity for golf and my groundless confidence. A dangerous combination, to be sure.


After hitting at the range, they stepped over to the putting green. This is why I don't play golf. Well, not really, but it's what I say. You get soooo close, but it doesn't count. I'm sure many of you have felt like seeing if a little wind would help blow that ball in...



Pretty sure these little outings make Erick extremely happy. With Sophia, it's impossible to say whether or not something will stick, but it would make for some excellent memories if it does.

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