Friday, April 27, 2012

Dancing Princess

Sophia finished her semester of dance last night. It was her first foray back into ballet since the big recital that included a fog machine, thereby negating any interest she ever had in dance. So it was important that she have a good experience this time around, and she did! She loves her teacher. She enjoys her class. She lives to dance!
Last night was also a chance for parents to come observe the class. She didn't know it, but Erick had decided to do his best to get there too. Once he arrived, she did her best to feign nonchalance. But she couldn't hide her pleasure.
This is my favorite position they do. Classic.
Sophia is very focused and sincere in her efforts. Often, that includes the tongue...
After a fun and focused dance class, what better way to celebrate than with a pulled pork sandwich? That's right. She really is her daddy's girl.

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