Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Humane Society Field Trip

I don't always go on the field trips with Sophia any more, but her teacher said that at the Humane Society, they split the kids up into small groups and parents are very helpful. I'm so glad I went! 

Sophia's class had the chance, not only to tour the facility, but to read to the dogs. The big dog on the right was a barker. He barked most of the time we were in that room, but when Sophia read to him, he calmed down and listened. It was very sweet. 

After reading to the dogs, the kids got to see the whole facility, including the surgery room, where two dogs were being neutered. They were not phased by it at all, though I didn't love the sight.

The hats are because it was Cat in the Hat day at the Humane Society or something. Their communications person videoed each of the girls reading to the cats, too. It was pretty adorable. What a great field trip!

Next stop, Jeff City!! I'll be going on that one too...

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Tired but Happy

This weekend, we tried to take full advantage of the strangely warm and beautiful weather. Lots of playing and eating and hiking outdoors.

It was perfect since we had the extra day together to enjoy it, too! Monday, we went to Pere Marquette, a beautiful state park in Illinois, right next to where the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers come together. It's quite beautiful. Leo's face in this picture gives you an idea of exactly how we all felt on our hike.

And here's a picture of Sophia on the horse farm at sunset. Because why not?