Monday, June 29, 2009

We Lika to Party

I like to say lika, which is probably why I lika to party.

We get to hang out with a group of close friends and neighbors pretty much any time we want. However, we definitely do not make a practice of getting a babysitter (thanks again Jody) and going to visit local hotspots. Obviously, this is true, because I'm sure they're not called "hotspots" by anyone who visits them regularly.

Anyway, this weekend was a weekend of birthday celebrations. The first of which was our friend JP. He turned 30. We're not 30 until next year. No reason to mention that, but I rarely pass up the opportunity to do so. So we went out with the hipsters (again, not really sure what you call 'cool' people these days), and we had a great time celebrating our friend.

We started on the rooftop of Quinton's. Definitely a great place to hang out. It was very hot in town on Friday night, but the breeze up there made up for it. The sunset was pretty great, too. I took lots of pictures up there. Here is one of JP.

Erick always has a great time, but he was particularly on for JP's party. So we enjoyed the show.

Here I am with my fellow Timbaz resident Jenny - and JP.

Thanks, JP, for turning 30! I'll try to learn the lingo if we do it again soon.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Just a Snack to Tide You Over

We have had another fun and busy weekend. I'm sure I'll get around to blogging about something sooner or later.

For now, though, I just have one funny from my week with Sophia to share.

Friday morning, we were trying to get into the van in the morning, and Sophia was walking on the garden hose in the garage. I just picked her up and put her in her carseat, but apparently I interrupted a very important process.

"Mommy, I was going to show you how I walk the line, but sadly, you takeded me."

I laughed so hard. I just sometimes forget that she is listening to every word that comes out of my mouth. I use the word 'sadly' in a similar context with her when she makes a poor choice and has to deal with the consequences. I guess that's what she was doing for me too.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Normal Week

I've been quiet this week - both on the internet and in life, I think. I'm tired. Sophia is not sleeping solidly at night and she's waking up early again. I'm thoughtful, I suppose. I have a lot to think about these days. Also, it seems that every moment I get on the computer, I am trying to catch up on the happenings in Iran.

For that reason, I feel very aware of the contrast of my week of ease and tiredness to the week of the people of Iran. Each morning must bring new tidal waves of fear, grief, hope and desperation, only to name a few. Having a moment to moment account of the tentative existence of men and women from the other side of the world changes the way I look at my own world.

Perspective is always a good thing. I always cringe when people share their problems or grief and end with, "But it could be so much worse." I still think that is often just an easy way to not feeling the grief of our own struggles. However, it doesn't hurt to be reminded of the tangible truth of that fact every now and then, particularly when my current struggles include dealing with a beautiful, relatively complacent, although highly opinionated toddler and struggling with having gained extra weight as a result of not setting limits on my appetite.

So, I'm just saying that for this moment, I am going to have some perspective. I am not in fear for my life or livelihood. I know that even though it may take a little persistence, I could get my voice heard by my government without fear of imprisonment. It's a pretty great life. I hope that it becomes a familiar feeling to many, and I know that they would not take it for granted within their lifetime.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Daddy's Day Activities

Even though, it was the longest day of the year, I just didn't have the time to get these pictures up last night. *Insert Erick saying, 'Every day is 24 hours.'*

I think I love Father's Day as much or more than Mother's Day. For some reason, we tend to focus on spending more time together relaxing and hanging out as a family, spoiling ourselves with yummy things to eat and getting little accomplished on Daddy's Day. My day is usually all about me. I love it. And I need it. But spending Daddy's Day as a family is really a treat for all of us.

We started out the day hiking through the mist in Rock Bridge State Park. We were thankful for the natural umbrella of the trees!

The rest of our day was spent in lazy self-indulgence. Eating barbecue, shopping, napping. It was great.

Then we topped off the evening the way we enjoy ending summer Sundays - at Shelter Gardens, or, as Sophia now calls it, "Music Park." Sophia asked Erick to read her the evening's program, and this was the result. I don't need to tell you that she hangs on every word from her daddy.

He is such a sweet daddy. Not at all afraid to get sweaty or thirsty if Sophia asks to be chased. I'm so glad that I get to parent with this guy.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


My friend Jody had supper with us last night, and this is how one of our conversations went down. It's always a good time with Jody & Sophia together...

per Jody's blog:

My bachelorette party

* Me: I want to go to Vegas to get married, but at least for my bachelorette party.
* LJC: I've always been trying to talk someone into doing that. I'm invited, right? I'm in?
* Me: Of course! You're so fun.
* SC (toddler): Am I in?
* Me: S, by the time I get married there is a good chance you'll be 21, and if you are, you're in.
* SC: You got me.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Sophia is a very lucky little girl and has lots of good friends. This is a fact she reminds me of frequently. One of these friends is Jimmy. These two are destined to be good friends because they are a lot alike but just enough different in the right areas that they'll find all sorts of trouble to talk one another into.

Look at those faces

And what do you think they're plotting here? I am pretty sure they are planning their escape.

Here is their version of a cute hug. Really more of a wrestle, but it's the thought that counts.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Early Morning Show

Sophia wakes up early as a general rule. She wakes up around 6:00 every morning for three weeks, then has a week that she sleeps till after 7:00. We're back on an early schedule, and that is hard to get used to.

The good thing about it is that this morning by 8:00, I had done three loads of laundry and run and emptied the dishwasher. Not too shabby, although there are other ways I'd like to spend a rainy Monday morning.

It's hard to stay in bed when there is a little girl chattering away in your ear.

"Mommy, did you wear these when you got weddinged? I will wear them when I get weddinged, too." As she struts around in my white wedding shoes, insisting that she's going to marry her daddy.

The wedding shoes conversation is shortly followed by growling and following me around. When I scream and run from the tiger, I'm informed that she's not a tiger, she's a dinosaur. So. . . . Apparently a saber tooth tiger?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Good Times

It's amazing how quickly the relaxation from a good weekend can be lost. Still, it really was a great weekend for all three of us Creaches. Erick and I had a blast with our friends doing all kinds of stuff.

Nelson-Atkins Art Museum


Watching a movie at the beautiful and luxurious AMC theatre. Didn't get a picture, but I should have. Individual recliners, seat-side service and a full menu and bar. Not too shabby.

Other than that, we ate and drank our way around the Power & Light District.

Sophia was crazily happy with Grandma and Grandpa. I knew she'd have fun as she rode out of the driveway on Saturday morning in Grandpa's big red truck with the window down, sunglasses on, blowing kisses. I think she ran the place, but she doesn't seem to be any worse for the spoiling. When I asked if she got to do everything she wanted, she said, "Yes, and they even played Candy Land!" My disdain for children's games has made her desperate for them.

I would do it all over again this weekend if that was an option.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Seven Years Today

Seven years ago today, I married my wonderful husband. Our love is stronger in every way today than it was all those years ago. I have had seven years with my best friend (corny but true), the best travel companion, Sophia's lovely dad and my devoted partner. Bliss. So why have I spent the day a teary and melodramatic mess, deep in the throes of a grumpfest?

It could be because we came home yesterday to an unexpected and sizable medical bill from my miscarriage. It could be because we stayed up too late this weekend, and I'm not great with little sleep. Or it could be because in order to be happy and feel my joy in our marriage, I'm opened up to feeling the losses that have been part of our seven-year journey.

Regardless, I can honestly say that I am content in my life today. I can also honestly say that I haven't had many sadder days. Wow, I'm complicated. Feel free to let Erick know what a champ he is for navigating through the labyrinth that is my soul.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Excitement for the Weekend

This is our anniversary weekend coming up. Tomorrow, Erick is taking the day off of work, and we are going to St. Louis to visit the zoo and whatever else strikes our fancy. Sophia is very excited about that.

However, she is more excited that Grandma and Grandpa are coming to her house to stay with her. She'll get to ride in Grandpa's big red truck and basically run the house for more than 24 hours.

We are excited about Grandma and Grandpa's visit too, but we'll be headed out Saturday morning for Kansas City with our friends the Chandlers. We're going to do lots of fun things yet to be decided and I can't wait.

Oh, and I have new hair. Well, it's old hair, but it's shorter. I can't wait to really give it a test run. I'll let you know how it goes.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Recovering from the Weekend

This was one of those weekends that was crammed full of activity and people. It turned out really well. We all know it doesn't always work that way.

It started off with a wedding. We brought Sophia thinking that it would be fun for her to see a bride and get to dance at the reception and all that. Here we are as a happy family.

Then she started looking like this, and we left much before dancing. Oh well. It was still fun to celebrate the beginning of a young couple's life together.

Saturday was a celebration of my dad's 60th birthday. Casey captured this shot of the guest of honor.

It was a great day with lots of food and sun. The kids were, as usual, our entertainment. Jacob had a great dance number with a very big finish.

Sophia sang "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star." Since she was following Jacob's act, she would fall down between phrases to emphasize the point, I guess.

The weekend was rounded out by Jimmy's 3rd birthday party. Michelle made Jimmy a Lightning McQueen cake. It tasted just as good as it looked.

All in all, a great weekend. I feel like I'll need to rest all week just to recover from all the excitement!