Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Advent: Hope

Something new that we have decided to bring into our house this year is the discussion of Advent. Advent was not something we observed or discussed as such while I was growing up, but I have come to see those types of traditions as meaningful and a way to connect to Christianity's roots.

I wasn't on the ball enough to get an Advent wreath, so we've just been discussing the various parts of the season. The candle that would have been lit at the beginning of this Advent week was the Candle of Hope. It's been nice to talk with Sophia in the evenings about things we have hope for and what we can do to give others hope. It's also been nice just to keep hope as part of my daily routine and thought.

Christmas is such a beautiful time of year, and in some ways it's easy to find hope. In others, the season lays bare the hopes of the past year that simply haven't been fulfilled, for ourselves and others.  Regardless, it's a great way to spend a few minutes with the people you love - talking softly about hope.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016!

I know it's been two months since I've posted. I'm still getting used to this working thing. So, please be patient. I do think I'll get back to the point where I can post once a month instead of once every two months. Maybe.

For now, let me just tell you about our Thanksgiving this year.

It was relaxing and fun. Not a lot of time outside, but just a little to work up an appetite after the Macy's parade. Grandmary was with us, and we all enjoyed the family time.

Sophia wore herself out practicing goalie in the park. So Erick generously carried her back up the hill.

The rest of our weekend was more of the same time of relaxing and fun. We got up all the decorations, and put our tree into our newly orange room.

Sundays at the Art Museum are Family Fun Days, so we try to go there when it works out. This Sunday they had the chance to decorate ornaments for their tree and ours. I couldn't think of a better way to spend a chilly Sunday afternoon in St. Louis.

Tomorrow, it's back to work and school. Just like every other family in this stage, we're all a little melancholy. We have a longer break to look forward to, of course, but it feels like it might be a long month. Hopefully I'll have the chance to tell you something more in the meantime!

Happy holidays!