Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Advent: Hope

Something new that we have decided to bring into our house this year is the discussion of Advent. Advent was not something we observed or discussed as such while I was growing up, but I have come to see those types of traditions as meaningful and a way to connect to Christianity's roots.

I wasn't on the ball enough to get an Advent wreath, so we've just been discussing the various parts of the season. The candle that would have been lit at the beginning of this Advent week was the Candle of Hope. It's been nice to talk with Sophia in the evenings about things we have hope for and what we can do to give others hope. It's also been nice just to keep hope as part of my daily routine and thought.

Christmas is such a beautiful time of year, and in some ways it's easy to find hope. In others, the season lays bare the hopes of the past year that simply haven't been fulfilled, for ourselves and others.  Regardless, it's a great way to spend a few minutes with the people you love - talking softly about hope.

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