Saturday, October 31, 2015


Hi this is Sophia. I just wanted to tell you what I am being for Halloween. I am going to be a vampire I have three jokes. One is what is Mozart doing now? Decomposing. I made the second one by myself, here it goes. What do ghost do when another ghost breaks it's heart? Eats I scream. The last one is Why did the ghost go into the bar? For the boos. So those are all the jokes I have.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Epic Adventures of Super Grip #2

Still Sophia. I was just going to blog about Super Grip again.
The bright light flashed in the dark, cold night air. This light had a fist in the middle. This was the Super Grip HELP signal. Super Grip bounced across the roof tops of the city towards the light. In 10 seconds flat he had bounced off the whole towns roofs. This was an amazing sight for the townsfolk. They watched in AW as Super Grip lounged  through the window of the house that needed  help it turn out it was a fire. All the towns folk turned around to see the fire truck pull up in the driveway right as Super Grip had put out the fire. The fire man stood open mouthed as Super Grip dropped the hose and turn to see the fire man. " He saved us." said the woman who was in the house. " Oh I was just around when I saw the fire." said Super Grip. Seeing that one of the fire man was the bully from  Carl's school. "That's not true. We all saw you bounce off the houses  to get here." said one of the towns  people. 

Epic Adventures of Super Grip

Hey this is  Sophia . I can't really think of any thing to write about. So I am just going to tell a story. 
                                             Chapter One 
The story of  Super Grip. Super Grip use to be called Carl. Carl use to be a geeky nerd and then he got shocked by a power line, and it was then everything changed...
                                                Chapter two 
Carl's finger tips grew suction cups and his shoes changed so there was a big suction cup on the toe. Now he was Super Grip... 

                            TO BE CONTINUED   

So, the blog

Last night, in order to help Sophia get through a rough spot brought on by its being Monday and all, I showed her a bunch of videos from our Youtube channel. You can see what I was working with by clicking here. She was horrified to learn that one of the videos is titled "Potty Training". That was poor planning on my part, but it's really a great video that has nothing to do with potty training. It's just that she happens to be sitting...on the potty. Sorry, Soph.

The videos were helpful for her and a little bittersweet for me. I know she's growing up. She is not a fan of that, by the way. She says that her ideal age is somewhere around four or five. In her mind, that's when we stopped being able to hold her, and that seems to be the biggest disappointment in growing up. Maybe not the biggest, but it's up there.

Anyway, I'm aware that she's growing up, but I'm usually so busy downplaying it or going through the feelings for her that I forget that it's sad for me too. She's my one and only. And the days of her singing silliness to me and the pets are - nearly - over.

I was so happy a couple of weeks ago when Sophia decided that she needed to build a fairy garden. I had been sure that we had collected our last acorns. I was wrong. She collected all the acorn caps and intact acorns she could carry, and she placed them carefully in the big planter my dad made. Then she looked at me and asked if fairies were real. This one I gave up because the treasure of childhood might not be worth going out to this planter in the wee hours of the morning to make it look lived in...

Apparently this post is going to be stream of consciousness. You're welcome.

The fact remains that she is growing up. And there are fewer things to video. I don't know if that's true. I could have been videoing the soccer game this weekend, but then I might have missed seeing her very first goal with my own eyes. Here she is afterwards.

I think that's the thing. Most of the things that I want to record of 9-year-old Sophia doing are things that I'm living with her. I will try to do a better job of at least writing them down because she is just as precious and adorable now as she ever was!