Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Epic Adventures of Super Grip #2

Still Sophia. I was just going to blog about Super Grip again.
The bright light flashed in the dark, cold night air. This light had a fist in the middle. This was the Super Grip HELP signal. Super Grip bounced across the roof tops of the city towards the light. In 10 seconds flat he had bounced off the whole towns roofs. This was an amazing sight for the townsfolk. They watched in AW as Super Grip lounged  through the window of the house that needed  help it turn out it was a fire. All the towns folk turned around to see the fire truck pull up in the driveway right as Super Grip had put out the fire. The fire man stood open mouthed as Super Grip dropped the hose and turn to see the fire man. " He saved us." said the woman who was in the house. " Oh I was just around when I saw the fire." said Super Grip. Seeing that one of the fire man was the bully from  Carl's school. "That's not true. We all saw you bounce off the houses  to get here." said one of the towns  people.