Sunday, April 1, 2012

Daddy's Golfer


Last weekend, Erick and Sophia went to the golf store and came home with Sophia's first real club. She's had possession of Erick's old putter for a while now, but she's never had one that was made for a kid. She was excited. They headed out to the driving range while I stayed home and got some work done.

This time, I went with them. It was fun, but I also look forward to some quiet Saturday mornings at home while they take care of business at the range. It will be a while till the actual golf course is attempted.

It's fun to watch, though. She seems to have inherited Erick's affinity for golf and my groundless confidence. A dangerous combination, to be sure.


After hitting at the range, they stepped over to the putting green. This is why I don't play golf. Well, not really, but it's what I say. You get soooo close, but it doesn't count. I'm sure many of you have felt like seeing if a little wind would help blow that ball in...



Pretty sure these little outings make Erick extremely happy. With Sophia, it's impossible to say whether or not something will stick, but it would make for some excellent memories if it does.

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