Friday, April 13, 2012

Home Salad

As an update to the apartment gardening, you should know that everything is doing well. We haven't had a frost. So that's a relief. I'm watching the gentle spring rain coming down on the plants right now. They like it. I can tell. Some of our plants are a little covered, so I'll have to check to be sure they get enough.

We've already harvested a crop of lettuce... Sophia ate the salad and loved it. She does love salads upon occasion, but she kept talking about how much better it is when you grow it yourself. Oh, and she also keeps saying that she's a farm girl. When I pushed back on that, she was insistent that we find some logs to put in the back yard to make it feel like a farm.

Anyway, gardening. So far, so good. The squirrels are only moderately irritating so far. We've had to have our windows closed for a week or two because it's chilly. That means that I can't yell out the windows at the squirrels when they get too close. So they're getting brave. Hopefully warmer weather will bring back the yelling and the scared squirrels.

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