Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Cat's Pajamas

Okay, so we didn't make our cat wear pajamas, but we did throw her a birthday party. Since she was born at the Humane Society shelter, they knew her actual birthday. That meant that Sophia has been waiting to celebrate that day since we got her in July. With Gabriella's birthday coming up, I told Sophia that she could invite one friend and we would have a party for her after school. The friend she chose was Cameron. Cameron is the friend that likes cats the most and freaks Gabriella out the least. They were both decked out for the occasion. Sophia in a party dress and Cameron in cat apparel. And they decorated the apartment.
Every birthday party has a craft. For theirs, they drew cat faces on balloons...
There was cake and a gift. I put cat treats in tissue paper hoping she'd tear into it, but we ended up needing to open it. Oh well.
Gabriella's favorite part of the day was going outside. She had on her harness and leash and wandered the yard hunting bugs and feeling like a jungle cat.
All in all, it was a great celebration of the life of our cat. She's both the luckiest and least lucky cat alive, I think. It's rough being loved so much. Just ask Lulu...

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