Sunday, March 25, 2012

Apartment Gardening

As I mentioned earlier, Sophia has been asking for a house with a garden. Since we are most likely going to be in an apartment/condo for another three years (more on that later), we needed to find a compromise.

We had planned on two large round pots with a mixture of veggies and flowers in each. What happened was way cooler. My parents came on a visit this weekend and brought with them a garden planter that my dad had created for Sophia from lumber harvested from the Illinois timber my mom played in as a girl (right, Mom?). A pretty special development indeed.

Sophia was thrilled with the planter. I should have taken a picture of my dad, Sophia and the planter, but I was too focused on the task. That will happen another day. As it happened, my dad was taking pictures of us instead.


Sophia is intent on taking care of her garden, and I can only hope that she has more fortitude than I do when it comes to watering...


Today, we worked on the second round pot, but what fun is gardening without a song?


Right now, our pots are on two different levels of the stairs behind our apartment. The upper level, that Sophia's watering here, are plants that thrive in the sun.


The plants in Dad's planter are on the level next to our door and hold shady plants.


A gratuitous shot of my cute husband of almost ten years. Sigh.


And the happy gardener.


This whole planter situation was an adjustment to apartment living, but I love it! Even if we eventually land in a house, I may stick with pots for the majority of my "gardening." That is, if Sophia allows it.

I'll update you on the progress of our garden, but I'll warm you just like I warned Sophia. We have lots of city squirrels in this neighborhood. They're wily and brazen. We may not end up with much untouched...

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