Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Continuing Education

Is it weird that I get giddy every time we get the catalog from the local Community College with their random offerings for the semester and/or summer? I have yet to take any of these classes, but I most certainly will one of these days. So far, this summer's top choices for me are: Indoor Composting: Making Bokashi Buckets - yes, please!! I love to compost but have no yard of my own. This would be awesome. French/German/Italian for the Traveler - Now I just need to decide where to go and I'll learn how to ask about the bathroom when I get there! Ballroom Dancing: Beginning - Do I really need to explain this one? Why is it such a natural desire to want to be able to glide across the dance floor? Any dancing, really. Sign me up. My partner, too, of course. Right, Erick? The Magic of Coincidence - I have no idea what this class would be, but it looks like a hoot. Re-live the 1904 World's Fair - You get to cruise the former grounds and eat foods that were prepared then. Awesome! All of the Creative Writing Workshops - these I will one day attend. Just not this summer. Have any of you ever taken Community College classes like these? What was it like? Great stories?

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  1. I'll gladly attempt to learn to dance with you, but that experiment will undoubtedly end in one or more of us being injured. Should be fun in the meantime though.