Monday, May 7, 2012

Hanging with the Cousins

This weekend, we got to hang out with Aaron, William and Henri all weekend. The three of us had a blast with them, and we didn't even leave their house once - although Erick did leave on Sunday morning to get donuts... We all spent lots of time on the couches together.
There was also lots of noise. Henri enjoyed being the entertainer now and then. This was a big finish to one of his songs. Notice the intense rock star gaze.
Once David and Casey got home on Sunday, we went to William's piano recital. Well, we thought it was his piano recital, but it turned out to be a private performance. The recital changed, but their calendar hadn't. Still, it worked out great for us to get to hear him regardless. Sophia was very proud of her cousin. Isn't he handsome?
It was a fantastic weekend for all of us. Full of laughs and random yelling. Who could ask for more?

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