Monday, May 28, 2012

Officially summer

School is out of session. The pools are open. But it's officially summer because I have a sunburn. Yep. I'm careful, but it happened anyway. We had a great couple of days in Kansas City. A night and two days at Great Wolf Lodge. Sophia was excited that one of the wolves was girly.
Most of the time was spent at the pool, of course. Sophia's swimming lessons are already paying off. She had a blast playing in the pool nonstop.
Our weekend was capped off with a soccer match between my San Jose Earthquakes and The CoMo and Stewartsville VanDykes' Sporting KC. It was a great match. The good news is that all three goals were scored in the net right in front of us. The bad news is that only one of them was scored by a Quake. Sophia enjoyed some quality time with Casey during the match. Asking lots of questions. All the kids did great. It was a great time.
Today is just a relaxing day to catch up on rest and laundry. I love three-day weekends. Hope everyone has had a fantastic and relaxing Memorial Day weekend!


  1. Look, I almost fit my whole hand in my mouth. Anyway, yes, a fantastic start to the summer.

  2. I had to look carefully. Then I couldn't stop laughing. Popcorn...