Thursday, May 10, 2012

Along with normal school pictures, we ordered these at the Samuel Preschool Auction. A photographer with kids in the preschool donated her services. Wasn't that cool? Anyway, we also got the disc so we can print what we want. Problem is, I'm not sure what I want. I'm going to order some wallets. Let's say you were to get a wallet sized photo of Sophia. Which of these would you rather have? A
My fav is "E", the black and white closeup. Sophia's fav is "B", the colorful full shot with her pleased grin. I get it. That's particularly cute, too, but it's not as artistic and intense. Both poses show sides of her personality. Rather than doing a poll, I wanted people to comment. Assuming anyone is reading and/or gives a flip. Exercise your right, people. Vote! I may or may not listen.


  1. I vote for B! I love the 'Punky Brewster' thing she's got going with the colors and her spunky personality! :)

  2. My favorites are E and B as well. Crossing my fingers for a wallet.

  3. I actually like D #1 and C #2 She is so beautiful!
    So hard to choose!

  4. I like C because it looks like she's getting ready to give one of her interesting observations. They're all very cute. Dad

  5. I think A is my favorite - can't believe she's growing up so fast ! Patty S.

  6. Thanks, all! You've all just proven that it's impossible to choose...

  7. Shutterfly has wallets pretty cheaply, so I'm just going to order a set of a few. :) That way I don't have to decide... I hate decisions.