Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Turning the Page

Today was Sophia's last day of preschool. She's been sad about it, but she is definitely in the bargaining stage of grief. She's trying to orchestrate some superschool with her old friends, plus a new friend she made the other night (more on that later), plus her old teachers with her new classroom. It's all very intricate. That is when she isn't just saying, "Nope. I'm not leaving Samuel Preschool. Ever. I will ask my friends to stay too." Samuel Preschool has been an incredible experience. I know I've mentioned it before. It helped with our transition to St. Louis, and it has helped Sophia transition to every day school. She has made friends, and so have I. She has made academic and social progress. I am just amazed every day at what she comes home with in words, art and stories. I am thrilled to start this next chapter in our family life. I am excited for Sophia to become a school girl. Sophia's preschool does not have graduation, per se. Instead, the big kid class performs the Three Piggy Opera for their parents and the little kids. Sophia has been talking about this ever since she saw it last year. That was her entire reason for wanting to go back to school. Sophia played the Mama Pig and sent her little piggies off with grace and selflessness. However, she did instruct them to write and visit every Sunday night.
Honestly, I am going to miss every one of these little piggies. It's been an honor to get to know then and their parents. I've learned a lot this year.

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