Sunday, June 3, 2012

Countdown to Kindergarten

Before school was even out, I had already reached the limit of how many times I was willing to answer the question, "How many days till kindergarten?" Sophia is very excited about school. I kept telling her that I didn't want to wish away my summer. We are going to have too much fun! That didn't stop her from asking the question, though... I mentioned my problem one afternoon on the playground and a sitter of one of Sophia's classmates had the perfect idea. A paper chain of the same length as the number of days till Kindergarten.
So we did it, and I highly recommend this for counting down a time period of three months or less. Sophia wrote all the numbers (except a few in the 30's that she got bored with), and we both stapled them together. No more questions. And I can tell you that there are 75 days till Kindergarten starts.

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