Wednesday, August 14, 2013

And it begins...


Sophia started first grade this morning. She was very excited to get the day going. She doesn't even pretend that she doesn't love school, although she insists that she doesn't like math.

Maybe that's what she's thinking about as she gives her lip a little nervous chew...

The nerves didn't hold out very long, but she wouldn't give me another smile. I'd used up my quota in the back yard apparently.

When it came time to leave, this was her response. I think she's relieved just to get it started. See what this big kid first grade thing is all about. I can't believe it. No more Kindergarten. No more cute little songs. Now she's just hanging out on the blacktop with all the big kids! Sigh. She seems to think she's ready.

I certainly hope she's right!