Friday, July 8, 2011

At Home

So we're back in Missouri after our adventures with friends in Seattle. There is no way to describe what a great time we had. Every day was full of fun and lots of laughter. We hadn't seen our friends (except on Skype) for over a year, but it took no time at all to find our groove.

We did some of the normal Seattle sites. Pike Place Market.

Chandlers at the market:

Erick saw the market, too, in spite of this evidence to the contrary:

Saw the view from Kerry Park. Mount Rainier looked like a hologram from almost every angle. Gorgeous hologram, though...

One day we got to see my cousin Zach. It was the most time we have gotten to spend together since we were kids, and it was great to hang out. Of course, Sophia loved telling him all manner of stories and facts.

The largest part of our outings were spent at beaches around Puget Sound. I will most likely write a post at some time about the beaches alone.

Anyway, the week was marvelous. Trying to put it all down would just be pointless and unfulfilling for both of us, to be honest. I'm sure there will be more to share, but for now, here are a few of my favorite shots.




Janelle and me in the first rain of the trip - on the last morning:


  1. Love these pictures. Loved, loved, loved seeing you guys! So much fun.

  2. how come I can't Google+ this blog post?

    glad it was a great trip, nice to see the Chandlers via your posts and tweets.