Thursday, October 6, 2011


Every year, I compile a running folder of my favorite pictures of Sophia, her friends, our family and other stuff that I think might be important. Then, after her birthday each year, I head to a photo site and begin work on a book about that year. The purpose is similar to my blog. I don't want to forget. She loves looking back through the books, and I do too.

It's a process that I look forward to and simultaneously dread each year. This year's favorites folder held over 300 pictures. Not even a third of those go into a book. But it's a lot of fun going through them. I so enjoy reliving our adventures and regular days through pictures.

Here are a few of the ones I have to choose from.

One of our last visits as residents to the little park on the hill in our Columbia neighborhood.


A spring walk around our St. Louis neighborhood apparently made Sophia too tired to go home.


A trip to the St. Louis Zoo, and our first visit to the Sea Lion show. It was hot!!


That would be a silly face.


Working on a project in our dining room.


You can see why it's such a challenge! But I love doing it, and I especially love getting that fresh book in the mail!

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