Saturday, December 29, 2012

Funny things so far

When we spend this much time with Sophia, it's inevitable that she's going to make us laugh. So far, that's happening quite a bit.

Here are a couple of examples.

While putting Sophia to bed, I prayed and thanked God for our family. That got Sophia to thinking about them. She asked earnestly, "Are you all twins?" Before I could speak, she followed up with, "Oh no, because some of you wear glasses and some of you don't." There are many differences between my siblings and myself, but apparently none stands out more than our ocular health.

The one that really has us chuckling lately is about her presents. I also think it says a lot about who she is. You can decide.

On Christmas Eve, we let her open one present. It's never one of the main ones, but we try to make it something fun and surprising. Well, this time, we gave her this baby doll thing that has a place in the back for a Wii remote. And it came with a Wii disc for the game system. Essentially, you care for the baby while the game is on and it tells you how happy or angry the baby is in response. She had asked for the Baby Alive doll that we got in addition, but this was completely different, so we assumed she'd like the options... Unique and fun, said we to ourselves.

When Sophia opened it, this is what we got, "Oh. A baby doll." Feigning a smile and interest, while looking at us for explanation. So I sell it based on the aforementioned awesomeness. And I quickly add, "Of course you'll have lots more presents tomorrow." To which she responds, "And the presents tomorrow - Will these be from my list?"

We laughed very hard, and I had to answer honestly that only most were from her list. However, her Christmas was a huge success, if I do say so myself. I just appreciated her willingness to give us the benefit of the doubt. Being honest about her hesitation about our gift judgment, but not pouting or throwing a fit in her disappointment.

Now, if we hadn't come through on Christmas, and if she didn't have Santa to fall back on, I'm pretty sure she'd be forced to give in to despair... She's only six.

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