Monday, September 30, 2013

Sophia-Centered Weekend

Who am I kidding? Most weekends around here are Sophia-centric. However, this one was even more than most... It was her birthday, after all.

Friday night, Grandmary came for birthday dinner of Chinese delivery. And here is Sophia perched in the window waiting for the food, for Grandmary and waving at her friends.

I made shortcake for her special birthday dessert, and she made a wish.

Then she played a post-dinner concert for all of us. I do enjoy watching her play.

Saturday was Sophia's party at BounceU in Chesterfield. Her crazy friends were happy to bounce around and celebrate Sophia.

Yet another delicious dessert and another wish.

Here's my seven-year-old in all her post-bounce and sugary glory. Very happy with her party and her friends. 

I love Sophia's birthdays almost as much as she does. Of course, I hate the passing years that come with them, but a great excuse to spoil my main girl is always welcome.

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