Friday, June 27, 2014

Illinois Summer

This week, Sophia and I took advantage of our free time and visited my mom's family in Illinois. Well, a few parts of the family anyway.

I'm so grateful that my mom's parents are still around so we can continue making memories with them. These are the ones that Sophia will look back on for the rest of her life. I remember rolling a ball back and forth on the floor with my mom's grandpa. So imagine how vivid the memory will be for Sophia of taking a ride on the farm Mule/4-wheeler thing will be! Grandpa took us out to the pasture to get all the cows moving around. That, of course, was not nearly enough, so he took us up the road and around the corner to where the creek crosses so we could ride through. It was about the mildest ride Grandpa's ever taken me on, but it was just right for Sophia's first ride with him. She would have gotten out and walked back if he got to take us down the hills in their pastures up north.


Sophia is a dog person, and there were a couple of opportunities to love on some canines during our family visits. I was happy that we got to visit with Carrie and Ben. Sophia was happy to see Bobby. She even cried when we left him.


On the way home we stopped at the Lincoln Presidential Museum. It was quite impressive. And apparently too intense in spots. Not, as you would guess, around the Civil War parts. It was more just the weird wax representations of Lincoln and other figures that freaked Sophia out. Note to self: no wax museum trips in the near future.

It was a wonderful way to spend a couple of our summer days. I love Illinois, and I do miss it sometimes, especially at this time of year. The skies are so blue when they're pressed so close to the chest-high, tassel-less, green corn. Nothing like it. All those farm houses stand out so cleanly and beautifully right now. In a couple months, all you'll see are the tassels waving. That's another kind of pretty but not nearly as breathtaking.

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  1. I loved this one Laurie Jo! I was so happy to share some of the day with you