Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Second Grade

I have several posts that need to be made at some point, but the one that I cannot afford to abandon is the first day of school. Some day, Sophia will look through the archives of the blog and want to put together each and every one of these memories. I would hate to let one slip through the cracks just because I'm tired. 

I am tired, by the way. Although I really couldn't tell you why. I assume it has something to do with not enough sleep, but that hardly seems credible. 

Anyway, school started last Wednesday for Sophia. She is now in the second grade at Captain Elementary. Her teacher is Ms. McD. And, apparently, Ms. McD is the coolest teacher at the school. This is what I gather when I tell people who Sophia's teacher is, and everyone responds with, "Oh. Wow. Sophia is going to have a fabulous year." 

What I have learned so far about second grade, however, is that there is less talking allowed. So, there's that. You can imagine how my Sophia and her classroom BFF feel about this heightened enforcement.

This BFF of Sophia's did not end up in her classroom this year, and Sophia was shocked to see that they are no longer the same height. She actually made me take a series of pictures with their backs together just to be sure.

It does promise to be a good year. I'm excited for Sophia to really get back into the swing of things. Other things that are different this year are: spelling tests, harder math and the principal. So, wish her luck!

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