Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Weekend Recap

I don't think I've actually brought up the fact that we're moving. That's probably because it was so sudden and it's not a long distance move - just through the alley.

In spite of all the madness that comes with a move, we managed to have a lovely weekend. My parents came to visit - partly to help out with packing and partly so Erick and I could partake in LouFest. Both wonderful reasons, I might add.

Sophia also had a nice time at LouFest on Saturday. I love taking her to places like that so she can experience something new and different. And so we can make great memories together.

Another great thing this weekend was Sophia's first soccer game. She hasn't been sure about the whole thing, but it turns out she loves it, especially when she's goalie. That should make for a very fun fall.

 Next post will either be from our temporary home in The Cheshire or from our newer, smaller, all ours place. Until then!

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