Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Halloween Costume - by Sophia

The costume
By Sophia Creach        
October 1,2014
This is where this story starts. So it all started when I went to the store with my mom. I saw the costume isle. It had so many costumes I couldn’t believe my eyes. “ I know wich one I want.”I told my mom. “Ok ,”  She answered back. “ Good ,”I said. So we went in to the costume isle ,and I saw it, the cleopatra costume. I thought I wanted it but when it came down to it, it was missing a piece . As you all might know I would like to solve that case but I didn’t so I went on a search to find a new costume to get. So I went looking around  and what do I find you might ask. I found the thing my dad might be for halloween. Wait to hear what is… A giant pink whoopie cushion. Isn’t that funny . It was kind of fuzzy and as I said It was also pink. But my mom doesn’t know what she is going to be, but being in this family I know it is going to be silly. Anyway guess what I am going to be . It starts with a R … That is right I am going to be Robin hood! I am so excited for halloween. I don’t think I said it but Rayna( My best friend. ) is having a costume party. So I had to chose  early.  As I said  I can’t wait until halloween .