Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween was a great deal of fun, in spite of the very cold temperatures. It wasn't actually THAT cold. It's just that it had been so warm a week ago! 

Sophia was a darling little Robin Hood. She loved to say how her job was to rescue people. Erick was a leprechaun with blue hair. 

He was so cheery to my gloom. Face paint is fun.

We got to trick or treat with a Phantom (Jacob) and a person from Guardians of the Galaxy (Jeffrey). I need to see that movie so that I can place all the boys who were dressed as them this year. I had one little boy put on his mask and ask me who he was. I said, "A werewolf?" He was a raccoon. I felt instantly old. Next year, I'll get really familiar with all the movies in advance...

Nothing completes a good haul like a good trade. Everyone was happy with the way this worked out, so it's a win.

Now I'm sleepy and ready to take a nice autumn nap. Maybe next week.

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