Saturday, January 2, 2016

Winter Break Vacation

     Hi this is Sophia. Yesterday I got home from my winter vacation! We went to New Orleans, and Orange beach. New Orleans is always an amazing time. It is a ten hour drive to New Orleans, so that is never super fun. But the experiences you get there are 100% worth it.We stayed at a regular hotel with one room, one bathroom, and one tv. We went to a place  called Preservation Hall. At Preservation Hall they get jazz bands to  come. Sense I am a  kid I got to sit right up front. The main performance area is the size of a large dinning room! The whole thing looked like a old house. The paint on the outside was chipping, so it looked brown. Or maybe it was painted brown, I wasn't really sure. There was no snacks, or water inside. But the music made up for it all. It was amazing. It is a 4 hour drive to get to Orange beach. Orange beach is really close to Gulf Shores. I absolutely loved it. Although me and Daddy were sick. Both of us got sick. So our vacation did not turn out exactly how we imagined. But we were only sick for 1 day, so we got to play on the beach a lot. The gulf water is more warmer than other beaches. The sand is defiantly whiter. The sand isn't ruff or super inconsistent. But Gulf Shores and Orange beach, are a mostly beachside condo town. There are some turn offs you can go to, to get to the towns. But you are not by the beach any more. Sense there are so many condos you can't see the water anyway. My room in our condo/hotel was very nice. I had 2 full sized beds, and a tv in my room. But my rooms only view was the parking lot. Then next door to my bed room was a bathroom, ( for me only, un like this apartment with only 1bathroom to share between the 3 of us ) and another bed room ( that was not my mom and dad's) It was were we put Leo's crate so he basically had his own room. witch had twin sized beds ( we did not tell him mine were bigger.) He had the same "amazing" view as me. Plus he had 2 beds , and a tv. Again mine was bigger. down the hall, was the kitchen, witch I am not going to tell about, except it was a average kitchen. If you make a left turn n you are in the living room. Beside the living room is a set of sliding doors. To reveal a balcony over looking the pool and ocean. It has a amazing view. If you go back inside. Go a little past the couch and you will turn left to go into my mom and dad's room. they have a king sized bad, I think. A bigger tv than me. Plus a set of sliding doors to get to the balcony.