Thursday, February 4, 2016

Royal Gem

Sophia is almost halfway finished with basketball season. The third grade girls are determined and fierce this year. And Sophia realizes, about half the time, that she is five feet tall. Lots of rebounding and a couple of baskets have made her very proud of her effort.

We've had a lot of fun going to games with all our friends. One of the best things about basketball this year is that we've been at it for three years now with the same families. The girls on the team are Sophia's friends from school, and we all know each other well. That means we know when to cheer. For one girl, we might cheer if she passes. For another, we might cheer if she goes after a jump ball. It's just great to watch these kids learn about themselves, the game, and about being on a team.

Five more games to go, so I may be feeling less joyful about the season in a few weeks. For now, though, it's very fun.

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