Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring Break

We've had a lovely spring break so far. Last year's spring break trip was to New Orleans. That was marvelous. Our only trip for spring break this year was to the farm in Illinois. Not as big of a change, but we had a lot of fun.

Sophia is so interested in agriculture. It's really interesting to me. As soon as we crossed into Illinois, she started asking questions about augurs and silos and how they all work together. Once we got to the farm, she spent a lot of time out in the wind with the dogs and the cows and the hay bales.

She also enjoyed the time spent indoors making cookies with Granny. It's something they enjoy each time, and Sophia always earns a little more trust with the process as they go along.

It was never too long before Sophia was headed back outside, though. She was determined to find this particular calf. On our last visit to the farm, Sophia got to name this little heifer, so she has a very vested interest in her progress. The plans for her don't include being eaten, so that's a relief.

In order to get out to her, we had to get onto the gator, a cross between a golf cart and a small tractor. I drove out through the cows, but in honor of my grandpa, I let her drive us back. She did great, and made a wonderful new memory.

I love that Sophia connects so fully and completely to the Illinois farm. It's fascinating to me how much of this stuff really is genetic. I'm grateful that we have the chance to deepen these connections while she's old enough to make memories and young enough to be formed by them. 

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