Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Music Man and more

Our summer is more than half way over. That's so crazy to say out loud. For Sophia and I, this has been the best summer ever. I've not had PTO or anything else to worry about. She and I have gone and done almost everything on our very long list of summer things to do. Just generally, we've gotten along marvelously and had fun together. This age is just about ideal, I think. Sophia is hilarious and thoughtful and a great listener. She's always been all these things, I suppose, but now she can make her own snacks!

It sounds lazy for me to say that, but often when she asks for something, I'll get up at the same time just to prove it's not laziness that is making me say no. "No, I won't fill your water, but I'll get up when you do just to prove the point that I'm doing it so you learn to take care of yourself." That's probably much more about my own self-consciousness, but the fact remains that she does give me an eyeball if I seem to just be taking the easy way out.

Anyway, in the picture here, we are all headed to see The Music Man at The Muny. We all three love that musical, and we all three love The Muny. This wasn't our favorite version we've ever seen, but it was still just great. Marian and Harold are one of my favorite couples. Their song "Till There Was You" is so incredibly sweet and descriptive of new love.

In just over a week, the three of us will fly out to the Pacific Northwest to see some of our very bestest friends. Erick also has a full list of things he wants to do, particularly in Portland, so we're excited about that.

Meanwhile, Sophia's in advanced horseback riding camp. She's loving it, and she's mostly happy to be one of the youngest kids there, though I think she wishes she were farther along with all her skills.

And the summer begins to wane. I plan to squeeze every ounce of fun out of it that I possibly can. I hope you're doing the same!

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