Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Our Park

One of the things Sophia and I will miss when we leave is our park. It's less than a block from our house, and we almost always have it to ourselves. Mind you, I will not mind having other kids around to chase Sophia so I don't have to, but I will miss the chats that we have while we lie on the playground or the bench. I have taken pictures of Sophia here since she was not walking yet. She doesn't chew the mulch any more, but she's just as cute - even though she's four. That's right. Four.

Fall is my favorite time of year at the park too. No bugs. Lots of acorns to provide collecting distraction. And beautiful colors all around.

And yes, she is wearing leopard print pants. There's a jacket, too. We don't have many clothing options for this in-between stage. Too warm for a coat or sweater. Too cold for t-shirts and shorts. So I took her to get one of my favorites for her - a velour track suit. I let her choose the color. It was purple, pink, black, blue and leopard. Never occurred to me that she'd choose the animal print. Should have known. She does not get her fearless style from me, but maybe it will rub off...

On another note, the neighborhood we're looking into right now is called Clayton/Demun, and it has a great park too. Click here to see it. Like everything else, it won't be bad. Just different.

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