Friday, January 6, 2012

Back at the Park

We had another lovely day today. It's strange to get into January with 70 degree weather, but I'll take it.

Just after she got out of preschool, we had a picnic at the playground with several of her classmates. Each time we moms are together now, we talk about how sad it's going to be to break these kids up next year. Of course we know they'll make new friends in their separate kindergartens, but the chemistry of this class is so great that we hate to see it end. Here's Sophia with her friends Tommy and Anna.

As soon as we got home, Sophia wanted to go back to our little park. I certainly didn't want to object. For the day, she decided she's have an imaginary friend come with us. Her name was McKenna, and Sophia "called" her to let her know that we were on the way.

She spent much of the time explaining McKenna to me and calling her on her pretend phone. She rarely stops talking on a day like this. It was fantastic. As long as I can keep up with her, she's happy.

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