Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Last night in the St. Louis area, we had some really strange weather. Tornado sirens, a couple rounds of hail and lots of lightning and thunder made for a long night for us and many others.

It was the topic of conversation at lunch with some friends after school. The other moms and I were discussing how we responded to the sirens and such, and at every round, Sophia added the night's story from her perspective. I guess telling that story got her storytelling mojo going because after that she couldn't be distracted.

Every time a mom took a breath, Sophia said, "I have a story." Until she finished her lunch, I kept reminding her to eat. By the time she was finished with her lunch, she was up to three stories, and she told me so. Just before we cleaned up the table from the meal, I released her on the audience. There were, in fact, three stories, ranging from the fact that she had jaundice as baby to our decision to let her sleep in our bed through the storm.

I love this about her. She is so confident in her ability to hold people's attention, and for the most part, she is right. I enjoy her stories immensely, even when they revolve around personal information - sometimes mine. I hope she keeps that ability to hold onto a good story and share it. That's something that I've had to work on in life. I have great stories to tell, but my mouth and my mind tend to operate at different speeds, while hers is always in sync. I should have her start contributing to the blog...

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