Sunday, July 8, 2012

Week of friends and fun

This week, we flew to Seattle and had a magnificent time. We did a bunch of relaxing. A little shopping. And just picked up where we left off with our friends last year. Blake and Madilyn are just magnificent people. Sophia completely agrees. Even though there is a significant age difference between them, the three friends manage to find a groove together for playing and chatting surprisingly fast.
Helping them all make it through the week without run-ins was the simple fact that, when needed, they'd break off by themselves to get some alone time. Sophia rarely wanted to be by herself, of course, but Blake and Madilyn seemed to work in and out of company seamlessly.
The bonus to seeing our friends in Seattle is that they live by many beaches. The Sound provides for some great views and great sand to play in. The first attempt at beach time was a little windy.
Even though we didn't stay long at the beach, we had lots of outdoor fun in our friends' back yard. The weather was perfect.
What kicks a back yard (or any living area, for that matter) up to the next level? A golden retriever, that's what! Enter Sam. A fantastic dog. Exactly what you'd expect of man's best friend! Sophia was particularly drawn to this guy.
Did I mention that Seattle is beautiful? We did get a full and gorgeous day on the beach as well.
This only skims the surface of all the fun we had. I didn't get a picture, but we also got to see my cousin Zach. He's lived in Seattle about the same amount of time as our friends, and he loves it on sunny days just like everyone! We did the Pike Place Market again, ate lots of seafood, bought some Legos, played some crazy games and just had a blast. Back to regular summer life tomorrow. Sophia is doing Arts Camp at the Presbyterian Church in our neighborhood. Reports to come.

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