Thursday, October 25, 2012

Field Trip!!

Sophia's Kindergarten class has had three outdoor field trips planned so far this year. Today's was the only one that didn't get rained out. I was so happy for all of them!

Along with playing, picnicking and picking pumpkins, Sophia got to take her first ride on a school bus. I think you can tell by the strut that she was pretty pleased about that...

We walked all around and through Shaw Park in Clayton, collecting leaves and such. Noticing and discussing signs of fall. It was a perfect day for it! Warm and sunny.

These are no redwoods, of course, but the kids had fun seeing how many Kindergartners were needed to stretch around the trunks of the trees. Most were about two kindergartners around, but this one was much bigger. The count was never made official because they kept joining and leaving. Still, it was a lot of fun.

That was a great way to spend a morning that appears to be the last really warm one that we may have for a very long time. 

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