Friday, October 5, 2012

One Full Day of School - for me

Sophia's school is very proud, and rightly so, of the high level of parental involvement that they expect and receive. Especially in Kindergarten, they encourage parents to be there - a lot. I was at Sophia's school three times today, not including pickup and dropoff.

First event was the Storybook Picnic. It was the second outdoor excursion that has had to be brought inside for this Kindergarten class. The kids did amazingly well with the adjustment. I had a great time picnicking and reading with Sophia in her classroom. She is really working hard on reading. Every day she's a little bit closer to taking off entirely.

Second trip, was the usual Friday Sing Along. So much fun. This week fewer parents were there, so I had the pleasure of the company of three little girls instead of one.

Finally, every year, Captain parent teacher organization puts on an International Night. It was so much fun. The cafeteria is filled with tables that are occupied with Captain families who are first, some second, generation to the United States. They each provide a tasty treat that is common to their culture and any other facet they choose to share. For supper tonight, I had Borscht from Ukraine, sushi from South Korea, dumplings from China and many other delightful surprises.

Afterwards, we were entertained with Turkish music and global styles of dancing put on by some of the older kids.

I was so grateful to become more familiar, not only about global cultures, but about my literal neighbors and our friends.

Quite a day at Captain. Now I'm off to bed. Grateful for a weekend at home!

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