Thursday, April 18, 2013

Martial Artiste

Sophia's still at it. She doesn't love it as much as she did at first. No big shock there. The class is an hour and a half, and they spend at least thirty minutes sparring. When it's Judo sparring, she doesn't enjoy it as much. She always spars with this one orange belt who gets her down, and Sophia does not enjoy that at all. I can understand. I wouldn't be a fan myself. I love Judo for her, though, because it's all about using your body. Learning how to use what you've got.

She enjoys the Tae Kwon Do side a bit more because she likes kicking. And she's good at it, too, although when it's time for sparring, she's always too afraid of hurting the other kid to really let it go.

Another reason she's still keeping at it is this guy. Her friend Henry is a favorite, and she does not mind having an excuse to hang out with him after school.

I do hope she sticks with it, but she's only committed through the school year. We'll see if I can convince her that it's worth being held down occasionally to learn that she can get up.

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