Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Life

I haven't posted in a while because we've been too busy outside just enjoying all that is spring! This last weekend, my brother ran in the Go! St. Louis half marathon. They came Saturday, so we had an afternoon outside and at the zoo.

Sunday morning, the kids made signs to cheer David on.

We had made no promises about our attendance, so David was pleased to see we made it. It was great fun to cheer on all the runners. Inspirational.

After they left on Sunday, our family went to Forest Park, which I had forgotten during this long winter just how much time we spend there. Sophia got muddy from her head to her toes. This was before she found the mud. She was trying to make friends with the ducks.

After hours of play and walking there, we came home to recuperate. Then it rained, and now the plants are really popping out. I love Spring. I do. Really very much.

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