Monday, July 8, 2013

The Good Kind of Exhaustion

This was a weekend full. Full of friends and activities and being outside. It was wonderful.

Saturday morning, we got to meet Theo. A perfect sweet little baby. We were all smitten with him. Sophia loved making him cozy.

We dropped Sophia off in Columbia and headed back to St. Louis, where we went to see Nunsense! at the Muny. Fun show. Amazing venue. It may be our only possibility this summer to see a show there.

It's always strange to wander around St. Louis without Sophia, but we do make the best of it!

Last night, we capped off our weekend by going to see John Mayer with two other couples. We had so much fun. 

And now Sophia's home. We're resting up from the crazy just in time to head to the pool and wear ourselves out again. It is, after all, summer time. We'll catch up on sleep eventually. I hope.

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