Sunday, June 30, 2013

This is It

I insist, most times truly, that my happiness is unrelated to the weather. However, when the weather just hits its stride, like it has this weekend, I cannot deny that I am simply more awesome. Or is life more awesome? I'm not sure. Regardless, this weekend's weather has been amazing, and I should just quit analyzing it and go enjoy it some more...

We were happy to get to celebrate my mom's birthday with her this weekend. I love to celebrate. We all do. Any reason to go and do exactly as we please is all right by me.

And for her birthday, I'll give her the gift of not posting a lot of pictures of her. Here, for example, is one of my family, looking like a ray of sunshine.

I cannot help myself, however, and I will post this picture of my parents looking just as cute.

Sophia hates the heat. Her happiness is most definitely and undeniably connected to the weather, at least when we force her to be outside. She does not look like this when it's 95...

These clouds. You get my point now, right? It's like I'm in love. Hopefully you are too, in which case, you don't mind reading about my obsession with this breeze that is currently making me type faster and more accurately.

Of course, the weather can only do so much. Most of the time, all I need is a bit of this. Snuggling and selfies.


  1. It was a grand weekend! Was nice for the weather to add to the grandness of it all!