Friday, June 21, 2013

Grant's Farm

Yesterday was a lovely day, at least as St. Louis summer days go, for a trip to Grant's Farm. It's such an interesting place, full of history and animals - and beer, as it's the Busch family retreat as well as a public attraction.

The horses are always a highlight, but Sophia and her friend were too busy to snap a picture with any of them. On the tram ride in, we saw a few more exotic animals, like the elk cooling off in the pond here.

Of course, the goats, although less exotic, are always a big hit, too. These goats were particularly cute and friendly. Sophia and Cerys had fun naming as many as they could. Renaming several as they forgot...

The apex of our trip certainly came in the form of a camel ride. Neither girl had ever been on the back of a camel before, and they really enjoyed the experience.

Summers are just the best. So much time and so many great things to do! Anybody got a treat for this guy?

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