Sunday, June 2, 2013

Saturday Adventures

Our plan for yesterday was having no plan. With school just getting out, we thought we might just need a little rest day. It turned out to be a very different day.

We decided to go to the Soulard farmer's market in the morning. Lots of fresh veggies and this (fresh tiny donuts)...

Instead of getting back on the highway to come home, we decided to drive through the city. And that's how we happened upon the Midtown Taste and Art Fair. There were a couple others going on around the city, but we didn't want to pay the money the others were charging. So we went to this one instead...

Erick and Sophia had gotten up early and crashed when we got home.

Sophia does not always recover well from a nap. So rather than hanging out at home and struggling over bedtime, I decided we should pack a picnic and head for Shakespeare in Forest Park to see Twelfth Night. Since it was cool and Sophia had slept, I knew this was pretty much our only chance to have a successful trip. Not to toot my own horn, but that was brilliant.

At intermission, we offered Sophia the chance to go home, but she responded, "Why would I leave? This play is awesome!" And she followed up by telling Erick that this would be one of her best memories of her sixth year. The kid loves theater. We had so much fun with her there. And the play really was incredible. If you live near and have the chance to attend any night (but Tuesdays) during the next two weeks, make it happen!

I just love days that end up like that. If we had tried to plan to pack a day full of activity, it would have certainly ended in tears and disaster. The bar is certainly set high for the summer, but fortunately, we have a great time together, even when we're relaxed at we are today.

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  1. sounds like a great day, fun to hear about it! miss you all!