Sunday, February 9, 2014

"Every Shot is as Good as Gold"

Sophia is still playing basketball. More or less. With her cough and flu, she has missed a couple of games and practices. She was able to play in this weekend's game, and she had a wonderful time with her friends, as always. 

We've also been watching the Olympics. So much discussion of effort and excellence. 

During Saturday's game, Sophia did as she normally does, and she passed each time she got the ball. Her coach's advice to her (and to pretty much every girl) is "Take it to the basket when you get it. Then shoot." We have lots of great teammates on that team. Most of them prefer passing (and cheering one another on) to shooting. 

With just a little time before Sophia was coming out, she got the ball. I expected her to stop halfway and find someone to take it, but Shot. The ball kissed the glass. Girl Power scored!! All the parents cheered for her. She turned around with the biggest smile on her face and did the tiniest victory dance.

When we talked about it on the way home, we talked a lot about how she loves to pass. She told us that she loves to give other kids the chance to make a shot because, "for a kid, every shot is just as good as a gold medal."