Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Deep Breath

My olfactory senses are very near to my spirit, or whatever you might call it. The slightest whiff of a particular smell can draw me in or spit me out, depending on the conjuring that follows.

One smell that will always bring fullness to my chest is described here: Yesterday, we finally enjoyed some above-freezing weather. Not only that, the sun came to visit. Sophia and I took the chance to get outside after she got home from school. A cruise downhill on her bike, followed by some digging in the mud, seemed like an appropriate welcome to the first springish day we've had.

After we were inside, I leaned over (not so far these days) to kiss Sophia on her forehead, my nose in her hair. There it was. Spring. Promise. Innocence. Earth. Combined with the scent of my daughter. The result was color and warmth. Memories of the same moment having passed between us hundreds (maybe thousands?) of times. How many thousands more can I manage before I'll have to conjure those memories from words like these rather than from a deep breath?

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  1. And you will still remember when she is 33!! Love You Sweetie