Monday, February 22, 2010

Big News about a Big Girl

Ever since we got home from vacation, Sophia has had trouble sleeping. While in California, Erick would stay with her in bed for 20 minutes or so till she got to sleep. We weren't surprised when she expected the same thing at home, but we were surprised at how long she maintained the demand. We had just gotten her straightened out about a week ago when she came down with a cold. Nothing can mean the end of good sleep like an irritating cold. So setback #2. The last few nights there hasn't been a reason, but she has required multiple visits and insistence on our part that we DON'T sleep in her room with her. As I listened while she rolled around last night, I realized that she kept knocking into the sides of her crib, waking herself up.

Yep, she was in a crib. We've had a toddler bed for a year or more, but Sophia would have nothing to do sleeping anywhere but her crib. I think sleeping in a bed on vacation helped her see the benefits of having room to stretch. After all, she's a long girl for her age anyway.

So this morning, after an early morning, I asked if she was ready for a big bed. "Yes! I don't like my crib any more!" When sleep is the "carrot" I'm chasing, I'll do a lot of things. Sophia and I went shopping this morning, chose a bed and it will be here next week. Tonight, we went out and bought a twin mattress. She's sleeping on it right now. I'm knocking on wood as I type. I'll take pictures once the bed gets here.

I'm not even a little sad to say goodbye to the crib. I'm happy for the poor kid to have some room to stretch!

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