Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fashion Advice

I bought a pair of jeans last night at American Eagle. They're comfy beyond belief. They're distressed and all that. But there is one question. They have a buckle in the back.

Go to the link and give me your opinion. Should I take them back? Or am I going to be cutting edge? I assume that you all understand my problem. They feel a little too reminiscent of circa 1992 with Guess jeans, buckle in back, tapered leg. True. There is no tapered leg, but it makes me a little nervous regardless.

So give me your honest opinion. Vote in the poll on the right. I may or may not listen. But now at least you'll know, when you see me out and about with my questionable jeans, that I know they're on the line.

Just as more info, they were clearance, so an additional 30% off. I had a $25 gift card, so they were free to me. That shouldn't mean too much, though, because all their jeans are on sale, so if they're bad, I can get another pair that is safer...


  1. Love em'! I can totally see it with a tank and flip flops this summer. Can you tell I have spring on the brain?

  2. I was totally thinking the same thing, E. I love the tank top, jeans & flip flops look...oh if only it were warmer!

    Love AE jeans, LJ & these are no exception. Since they don't have a tapered leg, it just makes the buckle look like a cool embellishment, not a complete throwback to 1992.

  3. and they do make your ass look good.

  4. If they're comfortable, keep 'em.

  5. I voted. Thumbs up in my opinion. I like the distressing (been wanting a cool pair myself for the weekends)and the buckle isn't too over the top. That being said, just make sure that you will really wear them if you keep them! If not...return!

  6. EC & Leash - I was hoping for the flip flop tank/or t combo with these.

    Erick - Thank you.

    DVD - Very.

    Jenny - That's why I posted this. I wouldn't feel confident to wear them if I thought they were over the top or borderline dorky. So knowing it's okay means I will actually wear them. :)

    Thanks for looking out for my better interest everyone!

  7. Keep em! Comfy jeans are hard to come by. The buckle is cute...but you have to promise that you'll stand just like the model in the picture at every opportunity. I think that'll make you look even cooler.

    I'm not the epitome of fashion either, but I say they're cute!